A Case for Ohio State

It seems that a down year for the BIG 10 Conference combined with the continued and justified love for the SEC is hurting Ohio State’s case to be considered for the BCS National Championship. Here are a few factors to consider when making an argument for the Buckeyes.

1. They could end the season winning 25 straight (currently owns the longest win streak).

2. Alabama, Oregon or Florida State could lose (even in their own Conference Championship Title Game). Alabama still has to face LSU, Auburn and likely East Division winner Missouri or South Carolina. Oregon still has to face UCLA, a very good BCS worthy Stanford team and then likely UCLA or Arizona State in the PAC-12 Championship. Florida State has to win possibly against upset minded Miami twice.

3. Baylor is in a Conference where Texas could win the Title. But the Bears would have to win against Oklahoma, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State.

4. Urban Meyer: this is the coach who has 20 game win streaks with 3 different schools (Utah, Florida, Ohio State) and who with The University of Florida won National Championships. He won in the SEC and knows what it takes to win against the SEC. Who wouldn’t want to see Ohio State vs Alabama for all the marbles?

While The Ohio State Buckeyes don’t control their own destiny, they have the teams above them on high alert and they have the Nation asking again about the post season. Is the 4 team system enough? Could you make the case for the Buckeyes? Readers want to hear