Florida State QB Jameis Winston gets $8-10 million insurance policy

Yahoo Sports is reporting that Florida State QB Jameis Winston purchased a disability and ‘loss of value’ insurance policy with $8-10 million insurance coverage.

According to the source, Winston is the first returning Heisman Trophy winner since former Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford (now withe Rams of the NFL) to purchase preseason loss of value coverage, though other returning winners have purchased “total permanent disability” coverage during that time frame. Winston’s policy is based on a projection that he will be selected in the top 10 of the 2015 NFL draft and would theoretically pay out if he fell out of the first round due to injury or illness.

I know his father said that Winston would stay in college and play two more seasons, it seems that Winston is getting the policy just in case he is still projected as a top 5 NFL Draft prospect.  I don’t blame him.