Former N.C. State QB Bryant Shirreffs to transfer to UConn

Former N.C. State QB Bryant Shirreffs has decided to transfer to the University of Connecticut.  Although not yet confirmed by UConn, Shirreffs shared the news with the Hartford Courant about the transfer.

Shirreff may have decided to transfer as a result of Jacoby Brissett being named the starter for the upcoming season.  The former N.C. State QB shared a different reason for the transfer.  Shirreffs is more of a spread-type quarterback, and the Wolfpack are going to a dropback style, thus the decision to seek a new opportunity.

“Just looking at where the program was headed and me personally as a player with the new system being put in place, I felt like I could have better opportunities someplace else, and UConn popped up.  It just seems like a perfect opportunity right now. … I don’t think it’s useful to stay in a place you can’t succeed. And you can try as hard as you can, but if you don’t feel like you can succeed, you’re thinking about leaving, you’re not all in or fully committed to that school … so that’s what I felt. I believe it wasn’t good for me or the team for me to be there.”

System or no system, these young men are transferring to take advantage of becoming starters.  Good luck with the Huskies.