Former Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis still collecting Millions

Report by Steve Berkowitz, USA Today Sports: it was revealed that former Notre Dame coach Charlier Weis is still collecting millions.  In fact, Weis in 2012 ($2.1 million in compensation) received more than what current coach Brian Kelly made ($1.5 million) and will continue to collect from Notre Dame until 2015.  Charlie Weis also made over $2 million from Kansas last year.


  • profootballzone

    it’s amazing that Weis is still cashing in the way he is.

  • Real

    He and Laney “Boy” Kiffin, the defeaters of the infamous Peter Principle. Yes, folks you can rise well above your level of incompetance. When will they learn? Kansas U will be off to yet another 1-3 win season and suddenly in 2014 Bama can’t score.