Former Tampa Bay and Indianapolis coach Tony Dungy: “I wouldn’t have taken Sam”

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy shared with the Tampa Bay Tribune that he wouldn’t have taken Michael Sam.  The former Super Bowl champion coach and now NBC analyst shared,

“Not because I don’t believe Michael Sam should have a chance to play, but I wouldn’t want to deal with all of it.  It’s not going to be totally smooth … things will happen.’’

Michael Sam at Missouri was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year and was the first openly gay player to be drafted in the NFL.  He had to wait until the seventh-round where the St. Louis Rams took Sam.

Do you agree with Tony Dungy?  Do you understand what he is saying?  The Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947 took a chance with a young player by the name of Jackie Robinson.  Let’s judge the Sam by his performance on the field and not by anything else.  Who knows, perhaps he could become the NFL Defensive Rookie of the year.  Make the Team Michael and make your mark.


  • David Dunn

    Another phony Christian. Where does love your neighbor and the Golden Rule fit in all this? Evidently, in Dungy’s belief system, it doesn’t even enter into consideration. Bigotry reigns supreme.