Georgia’s coach Richt wants to feed the ball more to RB Gurley

Georgia coach Mark Richt said in a report by The Telegraph,

“If he’s healthy, he’s gonna make great runs. I mean you’ve gotta give him the ball.  We’ve done a pretty good job of throwing the ball to him.”

Coach Richt was also quick to point out the depth behind Gurley which included Keith Marshall and Brendan Douglas,

“I wanna see what they can do.”

Coach Richt continued,

“So are we gonna give it to (Gurley) 30 times a game and wear him to a nub, no.  But there may be a game or two where he’s feeling in, and we’ve got momentum, and he’s pounding, we’re gonna let him pound. But Douglas pounds pretty good too. Keith Marshall can hit a home run at any moment. So we’ll use all those guys.”

Georgia should contend with South Carolina for the East Division title and I believe that they will rely heavily on the running game starting with the legs of a healthy Todd Gurley.