Kentucky in the ACC? Hard to imagine, but it could have been

Could you think of Kentucky not being in the SEC?  How about Kentucky being a part of the ACC?  hard to imagine any school leaving the Southeastern Conference, but according to former Athletic Director C.M. Newton, this could have been.

In a report by the Lexington Herald-Leader, Newton shared some background on Kentucky exploring the possibility of leaving the SEC for the ACC, suggesting the discussions took place sometime in the 1990s.

Newton added,

“We talked to them very seriously, but very quietly.  Dr. Wethington had me go over and talk to them for a short period one evening.  They wanted us to come on and join their league.  I thought, with the way (UK) football was (struggling in the SEC), that might have been the best path for us. I always felt like (Florida State) was an SEC school in the ACC and Kentucky an ACC school in the SEC.”

Newton said the powers that be at Kentucky, decided it was best not to make the move to the ACC.

I could see some advantages from a basketball perspective with the potential of playing with Duke and North Carolina, but the right decision was made.  Kentucky was a founding member of the SEC and it should not forget about tradition and for playing in arguably the best football conference.

Video courtesy of ThePostGame, Linebacker Avery Williamson, 5th round NFL draft pick by the Tennessee Titans