Maryland coach Edsall: “I’m not in a basketball conference anymore”.

Maryland coach Randy Edsall during an event held by pressbox

“As a football coach, I feel better.  I’m going to a football conference. I’m not in a basketball conference anymore.”  Was this a jab at the ACC?  If you were to ask Maryland who their rival was while they were in the ACC, they would probably say Duke.  I am no so sure Duke would say the same.  The Blue Devils have a crosstown rival with the Tarheels. 

It’s clear that the Terrapins coach is excited about his school joining the Big 10 Conference

I would have to agree in that the ACC historically has been more of a basketball conference than a football conference, but they ended last season better than the Big 10.  Hmm, Clemson beat Ohio State in the Orange Bowl and oh that team from Florida State won the whole enchilada.  Let’s just hope that Maryland is competitive and doesn’t develop a reputation of being a bottom dweller.