Maryland new to the Big 10 wants in on trophy game tradition

Although new to the Big 10 Conference (as of July 1, 2014), Maryland wants to partake in the Conference tradition of trophy games.  The Big 10 Conference is currently home to 12 trophy games and the addition of Rutgers and Maryland could add a few more.

Reportedly Maryland has been in discussions with its new regional rivals Penn State and Rutgers about the formation of a trophy game.   At the moment Penn State already two trophy games with Minnesota and Michigan State.  The Governor’s Victory Bell is awarded to the winner of the Penn State-Minnesota game and the Land Grant Trophy is awarded to the winner between Penn State and Michigan State.  It would make more sense for an additional trophy game between the Terrapins and Scarlet Knights and for the programs if necessary to look at another conference member for additional trophy games.  

While I respect Maryland’s excitement to make a splash in their new Conference, I would say ‘slow it down’.