Minnesota coach Jerry Kill says Alabama coach Saban earned his money

During an interview with al.com, Minnesota Gophers head coach Jerry Kill shared that Alabama head coach Nick Saban earned his salary.  Saban is the Highest paid coach in College Football ($5.5 million in 2013 with $6.9 million going forward).

Kill said,

“If somebody said something about coach Saban’s salary, I’d bet he earns every damn dime of it.  He’s under a fishbowl. It’s just the way it is.”

The Alabama coach’s name came up when Kill was expounding on the difference between being a coordinator and a head coach.  He made reference to the amount of responsibility and pressure head coaches have.

The Minnesota coach added,

“There’s a helluva lot of difference between making suggestions and decisions.  When it becomes public, you know who they are talking about…they are talking about the ol’ ball coach. We are responsible because we are making the big bucks.”

Kill also said he had “a ton of respect” for the Alabama coach and added,

“he can coach football, there ain’t no doubt about that.”

Saban has won the highest title in college football a total of 4 times with 3 at Alabama (BCS and AP national championships in the 2009, 2011 and 2012 seasons).  “But that is why he gets paid the big bucks. That and winning, of course. Alabama has won three BCS titles since he took over the program after a brief stint in the NFL.

Do you agree with the Gopher coach? Give me the title and show me the money.