Oklahoma State’s LB Dominic Ramacher leaving program and football

Oklahoma State’s Linebacker Dominic Ramacher announces that he is leaving both the school and football.

Ramacher announced this decision via his Facebook account.

“For friends and family that don’t know, I have decided to leave OSU and football. My dreams and aspirations have changed and as a young man I need to make decisions for my own life, regardless of what others feel about it. my passion for the game is lost and it would be unfair to the coaches, the team, and myself to continue on with something that I cannot fully buy into. I know I wouldn’t want a teammate playing beside me who didn’t want to be there. I still plan to attend school and get my degree in audio production. This decision was my own and though it may be hard to understand, it is something that I did to better myself and head down the path that I have chosen for myself. I don’t ask that anyone agree with my decision, but if you care for me I ask for your support. to most this may look like an opportunity closing, but I see it as one being presented”.

I wish the young man all the best as he pursues his goals.