Oklahoma suspends LB Frank Shannon for the 2014 season

Oklahoma suspends LB Frank Shannon for the 2014 season.  Their chances for a Big 12 and National Championship has been hindered by the loss of Shannon.  How important was Shannon to their defense?  He led the Sooners last season with 92 total tackles.

The Oklahoman reported into the investigation of alleged sexual assault against Shannon. Apparently the investigation is still ongoing and the LB has the opportunity to appeal the decision.  Open Records Officer Michael Purcell shared that

“there has not been a final determination of a disciplinary action.  The University followed a very stringent process with both sides, and under the Administrative Procedure Act both sides have an ability to appeal any decision reached by the University to a district court.  The University takes very seriously its obligation in cases like this. Under federal law, since this matter is still pending, the University cannot release further information.”