Does it Pay to Play at Clemson?

Does it pay to play at Clemson?  Clemson is using a little creativity in its recruiting effort.  Recruiting coordinator Jeff Scott tweeted a flashy new poster pointing to how those receivers who have played at Clemson are getting paid at the next level?  

The numbers are convincing: since the 2014 NFL draft, former Clemson wide receivers have signed NFL contracts totaling $31.7 million. This included $19.9 million for Sammy Watkins, 7.6 million for DeAndre Hopkins, $2.7 million for Martavis Bryant, and $1.5 million for Jaron Brown, who joined the Arizona Cardinals as a free agent.


Linebacker U? Quarterback U?  Clemson is saying Wide Receiver U?  Does it work?  Let’s keep an eye on the receivers they bring in!