Playoff System leading to programs beefing up schedules

Would you have preferred to keep the BCS system or do like the new replacement of the Playoff format for determining a National Champion?  What truly has been the reaction across the College football landscape to the new College Football Playoff format?  The new format has lead to programs reconsidering how they schedule opponents.  As strength of schedule is an important component to determining playoff selection, programs are looking to booking better competition.

Take for example UCLA: The Bruins added BYU (2015-2016), Texas A&M (2016-17), Oklahoma (2018-19), Fresno State (2018), San Diego State (2019-20), Rutgers (2020-2021), LSU (2021 and 2024) and Michigan (2022-23) as opponents.

I appreciate that the top programs are choosing not to schedule ‘cupcakes’ and choosing to make a case by what they do on the field over 11-13 games.

Stay tuned as the inaugural season begins with the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl (both on January 1, 2015) hosting the semi-finals while the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas (home of the Dallas Cowboys) on January 12, 2015.