Texas A&M awarded $50k to get Cedric Ogbuehi back for another season

First reported by Bruce Feldman, foxsports.com, Texas A&M paid $50,000 plus to get their 6-foot-5, 300-pound offensive tackle back for another season.  Ogbuehi had been a three-year starter and was weighing his options for the NFL Draft and forgoing his final season of eligibility.  Ogbuehi had submitted his name to the NFL to get an evaluation on his draft stock, and he received projections as a first-rounder.

What was the money for?  It was to establish an insurance policy for the Tackle–a policy that would come into play should a player who had been projected at a high level drop out of that round due to injury or some illness.

Cedric Ogbuehi said he likely would have been off to the NFL if the school didn’t come with 50 large to pay for an insurance premium. Ogbuehi can’t afford the insurance that would cover a drop in draft position because of injury (case in point USC receiver Marqise Lee who was projected to be a first-round pick before his injury.  Lee may be entitled to around $5 million based on that difference).

Apparently no NCAA bylaws were violated as the money came from a Student Assistance Fund set up by the association.  Could this now be a recruitment tool for these programs to lure top talent?  It seems like a way around the system but until the NCAA puts a stop to it, schools will assist players with the financial means to establish these insurance policies.  The rich get richer.