The top 10 Most Delusional Fan Bases In College Sports

An interesting read by Daniel Zillmer, on what he calls the top Most Delusional Fan Bases In College Sports.  There were a few interesting Universities on that list including Notre Dame and Michigan.  Note that not all of these ‘most delusional fans’ are based on Football but on sports overall.

Tenacious fandom is synonymous with college sports. But as everyone knows, delusional fandom is just as prevalent. Whether teams’ fans are living in the past or they see their school as the greatest program in the history of the sport — that type of thinking is widespread. Having delusional fans isn’t necessarily an indication of an underachieving program; there can be success anddelusion.

For better or for worse, delusional fans aren’t going anywhere in college sports.

Here was the list:

10. South Carolina Football fans

9. Michigan Football fans

8. UCLA Basketall fans

7. Alabama Football fans (really? )

6. Syracuse Basketball fans

5. Oregon Football fans

4. Indiana Basketball fans

3. Arkansas Football fans

2. Kentucky Basketball fans

1. Notre Dame Football fans

While I understand the argument made for these 10 fan bases, I must add that all College fans should feel that that way about their team.  They should continue to believe that their team will ‘win it all’ or ‘be the best’ and that includes the Alabamas of the power conferences as well as the Florida Atlantics out there.

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