How will Texas coach Strong handle sexual assault charges against playe

How will Texas coach Charlie Strong handle sexual assault charges against two of his players?  Strong did an excellent job with Louisville and appears to have his philosophical approach challenged in the beginning of his tenure in Austin.

One of his core values is that his players should respect women (no drugs, no stealing, no guns, and be honest being the others).  He made it clear that you could even risk losing your scholarship.

Article on the Austin American-Statesman,

“Texas football players were questioned by campus police as part of an investigation into an alleged sexual assault.” The football players accounted for two of the three questioned in connection to the on-campus incident.

University of Texas police spokesman Cindy Posey said.

“The safety of our students is our first concern, and we are taking this investigation very seriously.” 

I have become a fan of coach Strong and have been impressed with his interactions with his players and the media.  His teams love playing for him and he has produced many NFL strars.  We shall see how coach Strong and the University handles this.